4 Reasons Why Vimeo May Be Better Than YouTube

YouTube is the video search engine giant. There are countless videos updated to the site every single day and some are able to reach “viral” status. However, there are other video sharing sites out there, and it seems YouTube has some competition. Here are a few reasons why Vimeo may be the new YouTube:

1. Advertisements

dollar-profit-success-While YouTube advertisements have proved to be hugely successful for the companies that use them and a slight annoyance for regular viewers, the lack of advertisements on Vimeo is actually a huge factor as to why more people are drawn to it. This isn’t to say that Vimeo won’t eventually join YouTube in hosting ads, but for now, they don’t.

2. Layout

features-listHave you ever gone to YouTube’s homepage and gotten distracted by all the videos suggested for you that you forgot what you were going to search originally? It happens to all of us at one point or another, but some argue that Vimeo’s less cluttered layout is far superior to YouTube’s.

3. Professionalism

setting-arangeWe all know how ridiculous videos find their way onto YouTube and how (unless you disable it) the comments section can get seriously off-topic and crazy. With Vimeo’s smaller community coming to the site, they are able to filter out the videos of cats playing the piano and comments that aren’t constructive or helpful. Basically, if you need a breath of fresh air and want to watch a video without getting caught up in an argument within the comments – Vimeo is the place to do it.

4. Protection

graphics-display-view-screen-tv(1)The one thing that we all love (and perhaps hate, sometimes) about YouTube is the fact that every video can viewed by anyone! There’s no limit to it! However, if you’re not willing to put yourself out there like that on the world wide web, Vimeo has a solution for you. Password protection allows the person that uploaded a video to limit who sees it so that it can only be viewed by who you WANT to see it.

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