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Annual General Meeting (AGM):

In compliance with Society Act and SICAP's bylaws, SICAP members assemble once a year to hear the board annual report and make high level decisions including board members election.

Board of Directors:

Being elected at AGM for a two year term, SICAP BoDs consists of 5- 9 people who are responsible for planning and execution of decisions made by AGM within SICAP's policy.

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To improve efficiency and and effectiveness of activities and according to SICAP bylaws, BoDs can establish different committees and assign specific work to each committee temporarily or permanent.

Advisory board:

To benefit from experience, knowledge, insight and network of high rank people who are not able to serve at SICAP's board, yet would like to contribute to their community, SICAP invites them to serve at advisory board. Board of directors meet with advisory board quarterly or semiannually.

Currently, following committees are active:

  • Membership Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Professional Development and Events committee