SICAP Seminar Application Form

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I wish to be considered for presenting a professional development workshop as follows:

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Instructions:  Please describe the topic which you intend to present in a 4-5 line long paragraph.  Your description must be brief and concise and highlight the benefits of the topic to professional audience.  If possible, also indicate who could benefit from attending your presentation and in what specific way.  Please note that using SICAP PD Seminars for business advertising, or promoting political/religious views, will not be allowed.

Workshop length, format and interactive sectionsPlease provide as much info as possible.

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Instructions:  Please provide a brief introductory paragraph of 4-5 lines about yourself.  You may include your educational background, professional affiliations and career experience.  Of particular importance would be to state adequate information to convey your qualification to present the proposed topic. 

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[alert_box type=”success”]We thank you for your interest. SICAP PD Committee reviews applications periodically and invites speakers to present on topics that would contribute to elevating the knowledge and skills of our membership. Upon completion, please press Submit button. Someone from SICAP PD Committee will contact you shortly after submission.[/alert_box]

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