SICAP Mentorship Program One on One (MPO) matches and pairs mentor professionals with mentee professionals. We have an expanding bank of experts in various industries and specialties that connect people and boost their professional practices. Sharing skills, knowledge and career advice are the prime objective of this Program. To keep the effectiveness of the program for members, MPO is rather face-to-face collaborative and cooperative arrangement than an online virtual engagement. The other noted purpose of MPO is giving back to community that means a simple advice could be invaluable and life changer.

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Mentor is a knowledgeable person with experience in a subject field (e.g. Mining, IT, or a particular specialty such as energy efficiency, etc.) who is interested in assisting a Mentee in his/ her learning objectives or career goals.

This is a voluntarily engagement in which the Mentor uses its discretion to maintain full industry confidentiality and code of conducts.


Mentee is a person who seeks opportunity to connect with experienced professionals and enhance industry knowledge to achieve his/her career goals. Mentees can be new graduates, new immigrants, and professionals in career change or current employees who want further advice to grow in current organizational ladder. They can leverage this relationship for a period of 3 months but it can vary depending on the both side plan and consent. Mentees need to be a member of SICAP. To become a member and enjoy the MPO and other benefits of membership click here.

Would you like to participate in one of the mentorship programs, enjoy a worthwhile experience and mingle with like-minded professionals!

If you would like to be a Mentor or Mentee please sign up here. SICAP will contact you for next steps. Usually, we will chat with you on your expertise and background, then based on expressed interest you will be given the options to start the mentorship program. Any questions regarding the programs can be addressed to

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