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The Society of Iranian-Canadian Professionals’ (SICAP) objective is to promote professional and business activities of the Iranian-Canadian professionals in British Columbia (BC). SICAP plans to achieve this objective by developing strong relationships among its members using different networking means through which its members will expand their own network, share their professional and business successes, participate in SICAP organized conferences, workshops, and cultural events and explore employment/business opportunities with other members. SICAP welcomes all educated Iranian-Canadian professionals regardless of their background yet common interests.

There are many known and unknown successful individuals in our community in BC which we all should be proud of them. SICAP plans to provide a platform where these individuals can expand and share their success with community and form a cohesive membership and a common voice to address the needs of whole Iranian community.

SICAP is your organization to promote members professional and/or business in British Columbia. Through membership with SICAP you will have access to people who are like you and are willing to share their experience, and also you will have the opportunity to help others and share your experience and knowledge.