IT Committee

BC and Vancouver in particular are centralized┬áhubs for Information Technology. That’s why SICAP’s approach toward the IT is active and hands-on: we already executed one of the successful IT conferences: PersIT Conference in November 2012 that gathered members and technology professionals in diverse areas of IT including software, hardware, computer and mobile apps, electronic and network science, multimedia, website and social media integration, etc.

The committee consists of steering and executive team who strategizes its roadmap, plan future activities, as well as executes them and contribute to the overall goals of the SICAP.

IT Committee takes pride by bringing together the talented people and industry leaders in IT and plan and executes roundtables and events. The Group also does its part to benefit the members in their professional development, expertise advancement, career paths, and academic directions. These efforts are tightly tied to the SICAP vision of contributing to Canadian Socio-Economic structure, particularly the BC IT sector.

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