SICAP Professional network is growing! Hundreds of past attendees in events and workshops became the backbone of our resources and many of them have expressed their interest to be on board and mutually realize the organization's mission.

Professional Committees champion the ideas for future programs and activities in SICAP and help organize and implement the events, roundtables and other collaborative initiatives. They are truly a valuable building blocks for internal collaboration, external engagement, and networking generation. The committees' values center on Engagement, Improvement, sustainability and Integrityā€¯

SICAP Committees heavily contribute to increased capacity of members by enhancing industry- specific professional knowledge, conference planning, academic partnership and corporate linkages, informing developmental and career opportunities, and assisting technology diffusion inbound and outbound the organization.

SICAP is in the process of structuring professional committees and developing future operational plans through this collaborative process. At the moment the focuses are on three committees of Mining, Information Technology, and Construction. Other industries to be up for committees that we have received positive feedback are Energy, Management/Leadership Science, and Finance.