3 Tools For Proper Twitter Use

Twitter is an amazing tool that a lot of people use for personal and professional reasons. Like most social media, Twitter is engaging, fun and easy to use. Some are even open about their fondness for the 140 character status update site. However, the overuse of Twitter in a professional sense can be detrimental instead of helpful. Here’s a few things to avoid while using Twitter for your business:

1. Hashtags

telco#There #is #nothing #worse #than #seeing #this #on #Twitter. Seriously, hashtags are supposed to set trends and start conversations, not be a visual and readable nuisance. Use them carefully! If your Twitter followers see that you’re overzealous with your hashtag usage, they’ll be quick to un-follow. Here’s an example of proper hashtag use:@Developaweb let our team of professionals help you create the #website of your dreams!


costumers-folowers-group-discotionSpeaking of followers, make sure that the people following you are actual people. Avoid letting manual or spam accounts follow you. It gives you a bad rapport with your followers if they see your Twitter feed filled with spam and a willingness to let just anyone be affiliated with you and your company. Additionally, make sure the accounts that you’re following are still active and that they are helpful to your account, don’t follow just anyone, be picky.

3. Negativity

getIt’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity that goes on in the Twitter-sphere, but try to avoid it at all costs. There are already enough people out there spreading negative messages and they don’t need one more, especially when your account is supposed to be a professional one. Our advice is keep the focus on your company and stay away from negative news, even if it’s a trending topic. Remember, reputation in the long run is worth more that popularity for a moment.

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