About Us

The Society of Iranian Canadian Professionals of British Columbia (SICAP) is a non-profit and non-political organization dedicated to empowering motivated professionals in a variety of business sectors and educational disciplines. The organization promotes an avenue for collaboration and networking among members. It provides many opportunities for talented professionals to lead and contribute to the economic and social development of BC.

As a bridge between the Iranian-Canadian professionals and the business community,  we are committed in providing the highest level of service to our members. We aim to help Iranian professionals achieve great alignment and integration within Canada’s socio-economic structure and community.

The SICAP Board is well known for its ability to bring together top leaders together to debate and discuss contemporary social, business, and technical challenges. Past conferences like PersMine in Mining, PersCon in Construction, PersIT in Information Technology, and PersBiz in Business are just some examples of successful platforms for engagement. Through a participatory membership with SICAP, you will have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with like-minded members, learn about their experiences, and to share your expertise with others.

We welcome all educated Iranian-Canadian professionals to join us in our common vision of fostering meaningful collaboration and contributions within our community.